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Runtz #2 x Purple Larry

Runtz #2 x Purple Larry

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Regular Photoperiod Seeds
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Another ORGANACURE® original cultivar creation by crossing a premium selected female and breeding it to a premium selected male cultivar. This is another new limited edition original ORGANACURE® regular photoperiod cultivar we know you will enjoy having in your garden or collection for years to come. We offer the highest quality seeds possible from top tier genetics that are harvested and are fully mature. All plants are stress tested and grown without using any chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We protect our plants from cross pollination and our seeds are properly labeled with care and patience. All of our seeds are capable of producing astounding results and performance in your garden and we enjoy creating new exclusive exotic cannabis genetics regularly that offer a variety of stable and highly desirable traits that all your senses will have the chance to enjoy. 

Note: Picture below is cultivar and small batch specific of the actual seeds that were produced in this small limited edition harvest.  

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